The James Patrick Development family knows there is no substitute for quality.  For two generations of home building, that is how it has always been…and always will be with every single home they build.  The right materials, expert craftsmanship, and attention to detail come together to create the extraordinary beauty and excellence that is the hallmark of every James Patrick Development.  James Patrick Development is a respected name in the home building industry.  With over 30 years of experience building both homes and communities, James Patrick Development builds starter homes, patio homes, and custom homes.  Hundreds of families have placed their trust in walking them through the many choices and selections in the planning and building process.  Along with his brother and partner, Justin, you will have years of experience at your hands with a team of trusted professionals who truly listen to your vision and translate your dream into reality.  James Patrick Development Homes creates and designs unique space allocations and interior and exterior details to personalize your home.

Company Name:    James Patrick Development Inc.

Contact Name:        James Talago

Phone – (218)721-6260