BILLMANS…Today…Yesterday and Tomorrow

Donn W. Billman the founder of Billman Construction, Inc., the Billman Home Center and Billman Realty, began contracting in 1956 with a three-man crew. Currently, Billmans employs over 75 people. With construction of over 700 single-family homes, over 300 multi-family units and countless remodeling projects, you can be assured Billmans has the expertise, experience and knowledge to complete your construction project with full customer satisfaction.

The 1970’s and beyond have established Billmans as the largest home builder in the Northland. Billmans Home Center was opened to provide customers with a large selection of quality building products.

The real estate market and the new construction market led to Billman Realty Co., Inc. to accommodate all their clients.  Billmans Construction is your “one stop” business.

Donn’s sons, Gregg, Mike and Pat are now actively involved in all operations with each specializing in his area of expertise and talent:

Gregg has stepped in to increase real estate listings and sales.

Mike overseas the start-up construction of a Billman home in the excavation, foundation and framing areas.

Pat then steps in as the on-site forman supervising the carpentry and finishing craftsmanship.

Come and see us. We know you will enjoy and appreciate the one-stop experience when choosing your housing needs. Our family looks forward to serving you and your family.

Company Name:    Billman Construction

Contact Name:        Gregg Billman

Telephone: (218)729-7570


License Number:     QB691874

Website Address:

Location: 5010 Miller Trunk Highway, Duluth, MN 55811